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Whitney, 19, teen mom. My son is my bestfriend. This is my life.

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I breastfeed

I babywear

I respond to my baby’s cry immediately.

I let him sleep on me.

Don’t ask me if I’m “doing” attachment parenting. My choices as a Mother are not a fashion or lifestyle statement, they are purely instinctive. I don’t need a label or a set of rules to bring up my child.

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it is a cruel gesture to 
enter someone’s life and
allow yourself to mean
the entire world to them
when you are still
figuring out who you are.

do not promise someone
a vast ocean when
you are unsure that
your waves are confident enough
to reach the shoreline.

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We expand and we grow, Its’ a part of being human, it’s a part of adapting to changes. Stretch marks and scars are a part of you, a part of the past that brought you to the stage you’re at right now. They are unique to you, and deserve to be embraced. 

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