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The awful part is, I work with this girl, and I like her a lot. I get that her boyfriend is in the Navy, and she feels the injustice, but this is just so disappointing to hear from someone you respect.

Here’s more on the real profile of someone making the minimum wage currently. 

Don’t expect to live on minimum wage, even the McDonalds CEO says that you aren’t meant to live on their wages.

What even is the point of this comment? So many people have no choice but to live on it. This is so insensitive.

What’s the point of even having a minimum wage if it is uselessly low? How can anyone suggest that it’s ok for ANY full time job to be less than a person can survive on?

A teenager working weekend shifts is never going to be able to support themselves on a minimum wage, and that’s fine because they have school to worry about and they shouldn’t be stressing about that stuff yet anyway, but you have people saying that unemployed people should take any job no matter how shitty who then turn around and say that it’s being unreasonable to expect the pay to be enough to have food and shelter.

Make up your mind - should these people hold out for better jobs than fast-food places and be “lazy parasites” who are unemployed, or should they “just get a job!” and support themselves through whatever work they can find? You can’t have it both ways. 

"McDonalds CEO’s says you’re not supposed to live on minimum wage’ Except that was the point behind the concept of Minimum wage.

Literally, the original point for minimum wage was that everyone would make enough to afford food, housing, healthcare and to raise a family.

That was why it was made in the first place.

Besides which, if you can’t afford to put bread on the table then how can you possibly afford school to get that better education? Like all you people against minimum wage raises DO understand that you need money to get a higher education and that many people working in mcdonalds do, in fact have degree’s? Like I have actually worked minimum wage jobs with people who had Ph. D.’s before, do you mean to tell me they don’t deserve to eat because they can’t find a job in their field?

Do I not deserve to eat because I can’t afford schooling? Like, nah, I worked hard, I wanted to go to college, but if I want to eat and not be homeless I have to work a minimum wage job that will never take me anywhere.

So please, explain why I deserve to starve if I can’t afford school OR food. I would love to hear a good reason for why I deserve to go hungry just because I happen to be poor and cannot just ‘work my way’ out. (Which isn’t possible for about 99% of the population. FYI.)

And seriously. Yes, fight to raise wages for military personelle. They deserve food and housing too. But them also needing higher wages doesn’t mean I don’t deserve higher wages too.


Ok as a military spouse, this girl needs to shut her trap. My husband and I make plenty to support ourselves, but on top of that we get a food and housing allowance of over $1000 a month, free healthcare (dental, medical, and mental), guaranteed housing (free, or they give you a generous stipend, FREE EDUCATION while you’re in and the GI bill (which is free education up to a bachelor’s degree complete with a housing and food allowance for the entirety of that bill), free re-homing and moving services, a VA loan to help you buy a house once you’re out, and even free gym/personal trainor/nutritionist services.
People working standard minimum wage? NONE. OF. THAT.
This woman is selfish and entitlest and that’s that.
(Plus who says minimum wage increases wouldn’t apply to the military??)
People honestly need to stop pulling the military card for this shit.




[throws drink]

big surprise from the woman who wrote a song about why being fat is good because boys like it. 

Also: a white woman claiming to be revolutionary for “having a booty”?

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YouTube star Sam Pepper thinks sexually harassing women is a hilarious prank

When is it OK to sexually harass women on the street? When it’s for a YouTube video, of course!

That was the apparent thinking of reality-television star turned viral YouTube performer Sam Pepper, who came under fire this past weekend when his latest “prank” showed him sexually harassing women for laughs. The former Big Brother contestant, who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, asked women on a busy street for directions while secretly grabbing their butts. 

Because nothing’s funnier than touching random women without their permission and catching the whole thing on camera.

The video is problematic for so many reasons Follow micdotcom

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the best pranks are the super harmless ones

like why would you pull someones pants down in public or like put them in danger or humiliate them when you can just baffle them by leaving tiny plastic camels all over their house or taping bill cosby’s face over every single face in  every picture in their house?

Last year the seniors had a mariachi band follow the principle for 3 hours

Confuse, don’t abuse ;)


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